Monday, August 12, 2019

Healthy Civil Service, Healthy Nation

The health and wellbeing of civil servants has long been a priority, and the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) lately came up to strengthen their approach. They have introduced marathon focusing to enrich the mental and/or physical health of civil servants with the theme, “Healthy Civil Service, Healthy Nation.”
The RCSC has organized Marathon for civil servants on Saturday, the 10th August 2019 as a part of the well-being programs to promote the health and well-being of the civil servants. We as a whole realize that physical activity has general medical advantages yet it additionally helps in averting and treating musculoskeletal issues. It will help battle the rising pattern of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) among Bhutanese civil servants. 

Non-transferable maladies (NCDs) kill 38 million individuals every year, and 75% of these deaths happen in low-and middle-income nations. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are found to represent 69 percent of all deaths in Bhutan making it the main source of every single preventable death, as indicated by WHO NCD nation profile, 2018. Deaths from NCDs in the nation increased to 69 percent in 2018 from 53 percent in 2011. Among them, 53 percent died before 70 years. Dismalness pattern of NCD in the nation has seen an upward pattern from 2008 to 2012. They are broadly connected to undesirable ways of life, for example, smoking, unfortunate weight control plans and absence of physical activity. Studies in Bhutan has found that low physical activity was more common among those with secondary and above education level than those without any formal education and among those residing in urban areas than those in rural settings (Source:
Gida Phojas
To create awareness and kick-begin to beat the NCDs, more than 2000 civil servants from Thimphu and neighboring dzongkhags took an interest in the first-historically speaking marathon for civil servants. I was enchanted to be among those civil servants who have joined to keep running for sound common administration. Most importantly, I was glad to be among the 36 members from Gidakom Hospital where I work currently. The most important minute was the point at which I could finish 15 Km under top 30 (explicitly I got 28th from the class of government workers underneath 45 years old). This was all because of the constant exercise I kept going right after completing my DeSuung Training
Gidakom Guys
Civil servants must work firmly together to make all the more physically dynamic country, where individuals all things considered and foundations can appreciate the numerous advantages that physical actions bring, at each phase in their lives. Better wellbeing is fundamental to human joy and prosperity. It additionally gains a significant commitment to monetary ground, as sound populaces live more, will be progressively beneficial, and spare more. Numerous elements impact wellbeing status and a nation's capacity to give quality administrations to its kin.
Team Gidakom Hospital
RCSC had perceived the significance of empowering the wellbeing of their workforce. All things considered, it makes great administration conveyance – we realize that individuals' wellbeing and prosperity connects to their profitability and inspiration. Civil Service can be best in the event that we work in a domain that supports our wellbeing and encourages us to take care of our own wellbeing. We are at our most profitable and completely connected with at work when we are sound, upbeat and feel ready to act naturally. 

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