Do I really need to be reborn to gain your love?

Remembrance is the sweetest flower in the garden of love. There were times when I was ashamed of you, but my fear made me love you the more. You are the one, who mean the world to me, the one my dreams are of…the one who fills my days with joys.
 But now you left me and went on your way I was so foolish for hoping that I could buy your heart with my love.
You have left behind me, the great sadness in my life. You have to know that there will never be anyone like you and that replacing you is not easy because I don't know what life will be like after you, just like I can never imagine a life before you.               
There is nothing I want more, throughout the days to be, than just to go on loving you and knowing you love me again some days.
Though I hurt you a lot, you should know that, it wasn’t of any intention to hurt you. I know little that you loved me once and now you will never love me again but what’s the harm in saying that I still love you. After all loving is neither a sin nor a crime. When you just discarded me, I felt it’s too much for me to come into normal terms but my love has never made me low. With both hands I cover my naked shame and hold up my praying lamp to light and guide you on your way ahead…
My world is still in great pain with the expectation of your coming into my life...Will you really understand me? Do I really need to be reborn to gain your love?

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  1. SOmetimes, things comes in a hard way to understand. Nevertheless, a pure love like this will never make you feel LOW buddy.