Pang of separation

I still remember first time we danced in space34. I saw her in the club. It was tough for a guy like me who’d never been in love to go and talk to her. I frequently peeped at her. Then she noticed me and flashed a brief smile. There was warmth in her smile, imparting a feeling so serene, a sign of hope and a shower of thousand joys.
She looked at me and waved her hands toward me to come. I smiled and shook my head. It was my first time in space34 party hall. Many heart throbbing, beautiful chic started burning the floor. Eighty percent of their body exposed to provoke guy’s neurons functional capacity, making them uncomfortable especially the one who wore tight jeans pant.
It was New Year eve party and music started to flow at its own rhythm. Boys and girls grooved and shimmied to some Bhutanese hits and Bollywood hit tracks such as Subha Hone Na De, Chikni Chameli, and electrifying chammak Challo, gyrating to Ooh La La. I saw couple dancing to their pace. It was boisterous night. To be frank I was not really intended to shake my leg that night. Of course I wasn’t good at dancing, not at all.
‘Come on… let’s dance,’ she asked me with a sweet gesture.
‘No, I don’t know how to dance.’

 Now we are on the path of separate living. Here we are confused; lost; forlorn and struck right at the core. We have won many battles but to what use is it now? It seemed nothing could pass between us. And I always hoped that our relationship would last forever…!!! That was my hope, my battle cry ever since we met. It is all over now. I feel as if you are consuming me.
Breaking away our strong bond of love isn’t so easy. It’s really painful. We have done too much together and have been too intimate for us to just discard one another. But every beginning has its ending. So we have to end this with the same disclosure with which we begun. Love has ended and now pain pours into my solitary heart but time will heal us just like it has done for many.

"Happy Teacher's Day"

I felt almost defeated and completely shattered when I was greeted with the unexpected day of importance.
I went through my facebook (which I regularly does but, somehow missed today) and saw full of wishes, a blush of shame crept up my face.
I, like everyone of you, have that memories of my schools and the Teachers that groomed me. Teacher's Day is celebrated as a tribute to the valuable contribution made by teachers.
Today, I'd like to recall the importance of teachers (seriously I've forgotten) who guided me to where I stand today. Teachers are our second parents who cared us, who taught us, who guided us, who inspired us and over all who enlightened us.
Education was daunting for me. Apart from the efforts I put in, the every success(nothing as such till now of course) wouldn't have been possible without the perpetual teachings and assistance of my teachers. I was enormously fortunate to have got them all along my way of schooling.
I've no words to describe them, not because I'm weak in words but, the words doesn't describe completely how much I'm indebted to them.
In Bhutan, 2nd May is celebrated as Teacher's Day every year coinciding with the Birth Anniversary of Third King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, who brought modern education to the nation.
"Happy Teacher's Day"

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