Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Is Second life worth living???

Namsel was clinically dead for 90 minutes after suffering from heart attack. But was revived with continued cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) that was given to her manually about 100 times.
She'd complained of chest pain, giddiness and sweating while in office. Her heart rate and blood pressure had dropped when she was admitted to the casuality ward. A while latter, her heart beat stopped.
On examination, doctors found she'd no pulse or heartbeat. She was clinically dead and the ECG monitor showed single straight lines indicating there was no heart activity.
Instantly she was put on mechanical ventilation and a temporary pacer was inserted to start her heartbeat. Since there was no heart activity, doctors started manual cardio-pulmonary resuscitation by rotation for about 100 times while simultaneously keeping a watch on the blood flow to the brain and other vital organs.
After a long-drawn effort of 1 hour 30 minutes, her heart started beating again.
An emergency coronary angiography conducted immediately showed one of the main arteries was totally blocked. The blood clot was removed using a special thrombus extraction device known as export catheter. Subsequently, coronary angioplasty with one stent was performed.
She regained full consciousness after four days and was taken off the ventilator.
Unfortunately, she showed remarkable neurological damage.......to be continued

To my late child

Chechey, I'm sorry for I couldn't let you have a life.
Your Mom came to me with good news.
I was on cloud nine to have you.
Day by day you grew bigger.
You were so big that your Mom couldn't move.
You were kicking like footballer.
Your Mom and I were happy seeing you do.
Chechey, I'm sorry for I couldn't let you have a life.
Your Mom complained of sudden feral pain.
I let her to our car and dove.
Your Mom was in ICU struggling for you.
I was trying to make sense of events unfolding,
Praying to God to give us a miracle.
Watched my happiness crumble before me,
That only broke my heart permanently.
Chechey, I'm sorry for I couldn't let you have a life.
You won't know but your Mom struggled for you.
She endured every pain for you.
You were pale, cold and breathless.
Doctors declared you're born dead.
I still remember your little fists,
Your cute immature face,
Your fragile limbs that once was so strong.
Chechey, I'm sorry for I couldn't let you have a life.
Your Mom still remembers you and cry.
We miss you every fleeting second.
We miss you so much.
We can't wait until it's our turn to come,
So we can be together again.
Don't feel bad on your Mom and me,
For we couldn't save you chechey!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Think Green, Go Vegan

Seriously, I don’t remember if I ever abstained from meaty diet during Mondays but I definitely made a strict rule of refraining meat during Bhutanese auspicious times called “DeuZang.” And lately, I took the pledge to go green apart from observing Jangsem Mondays.

Jangsem Monday Movement is a distinguished initiative for a noble cause which encourages people to start a greener week and go green for the person who struggle in withdrawing meaty diet for at least a day in a week.

The mere fact of preventing exploitation of “other animals” is not the only reason to go meatless, but the real nature of being a compassionate Buddhist has an emotional attachment with other innocent animals. Above all, we believe that all the sentient beings are equal and have their own right to life.

Honestly, I’m neither of them but the pledge I took lately, to avoid other animals products is one of the most palpable ways I take a stand against animal brutality in the world.

I’m turning to a vegan diet with many reasons in store. I being one of the health personnel, I’ve decided to go for well-planned vegan diets that constitute so many health benefits. A balanced vegan diet has high fibre packed with lots of essential vitamins and minerals that tone down some of the startling modern health issues like obesity, diabetes, cancer, etc.

Cruciferous vegetables and carrots top my favourite list of veggies. When it comes to fruits, apples and avocados never fails to ignite my taste buds.

I’m a die-hard pet dog lover. I apologize for being biased though. Of course, I love all animals. They’re simply beautiful!

I grew up in one of the remotest village of Pemagatshel with an understanding that everyone has the same value as a sentient being, including other animals. I simply can’t see my loved ones in our menu.

Join me to “Go Green, Be vegan”. You and I were not born with meats in our mouth, and we can go back to being vegan. Like what I did, the decision to be vegan is one that only you can make. Others may want you to go green, but the real commitment must come from you. Think about why you want to go green and be vegan. Are you worried that you could get a meat related disease? Finally, when we win from the battle of going green and becoming vegan, we will think about the guts and the commitment we took to go green, we will be amazed, we had it in us.
Because you and I can make a difference!