Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Quit Smoking Day

Smoking refers to the habit of inhalation and exhalation of smoke resulting from burning tobacco in cigars, cigarettes and pipes. I started smoking when I was in my late teens. Smoking has become a part of my everyday life. Starting to smoke at such a young age, I didn’t really think about the health risks of smoking and I certainly didn’t realize how addictive smoking can be. I’ve spent many times during my last 10 years trying to answer the most perplexing question, ‘Why do I smoke?’ The excitement of experimenting with something that many other people do and just as a mere sensation has spirals me into addiction.
After 10 years of being a smoker, and knowing the health effects and religious sin of smoking, I’ve finally decided to quit and I’m ready to quit smoking. Mark Twain said, “Quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it a thousand times.” Many of other smokers might have tried to quit, too. I have tried many times and failed many times. It is hard to quit smoking, but I can do it. No matter how much old I’m or how long I’ve smoked, quitting will surely help me live a healthier life. Quitting smoking is difficult, but not impossible. Quitting smoking is a lot like losing weight. It takes a strong commitment over a long time. I know there’s no one right way to quit smoking. Every smokers wish there was a shortcut to let them quit. Unfortunately, there won’t be a safer mode of smoking either.
So, I’ve picked 1st January 2016 (New Year) as my Quit Day. This is a very important step I took and I’m preparing myself with a plan of a strong, personal commitment to quit smoking from New Year.
I’ve started to smoke fewer cigarettes and will continue till my Quit Day and then I’ll quit. I started cutting down on the number of cigarettes I smoke a little bit each day. Now, if you ask me why I’m quitting smoking, I’ve enough reasons to quit. Though lately realized, the deadliest health effects including the lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases had prompted me to quit smoking. And the benefits of quitting smoking that are numerous including the improvement of lung capacity within 9 months by 10%, reduction of heart attack risks to half within a year, lung cancer risk will become like a person who has never smoked within 10 years, etc.
Attending the Buddhist teachings had helped me greatly. Tobacco is regarded as a black food, grown through wrongful prayer and that smokers will go to lower realms. At first it was insane to believe but the Buddhism, itself is a blind faith. There is no history of family smokers and that I wanted to fit once again into the circle of my families without tobacco cravings. Many smokers think they’re cool and consider as a fashion, but in real the society had their own stand. 
This New Year, join me in quitting smoking. You and I were not born with cigarettes in our mouth, and we can go back to being non-smokers. Tobacco cravings will wear us down when we try to quit smoking, but we are not at the mercy of tobacco cravings. There are over one thousand million smokers throughout the world, which is an astonishing number, considering the harm smoking does to our body, which we are all well aware of. By a rough, thousands of Bhutanese smoke though the smoking is prohibited and country is trying to become tobacco free nation.
Like what I did, the decision to quit smoking is one that only you can make. Others may want you to quit, but the real commitment must come from you. Think about why you want to quit smoking. Are you worried that you could get a smoking related disease? Will the benefits of quitting smoking outweigh the benefits of continuing to smoke? Are to ready to make a serious resolution to quit smoking? Nicotine, a poisonous alkaloid which is addictive makes us become physically dependent on and emotionally addicted to it. But you don’t mind, as I said before, quitting smoking is hard but, not impossible. Above all quitting smoking will give us a big boost to our morale and feeling of achievement. Finally, when we win from the battle of tobacco addiction, we will think about the guts and the hardness we took to quit smoking, we will be amazed, we had it in us!
Because you and I can make a difference!

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  1. All the best in quitting smoking Ugyen! Hope you can go through it successfully with no failure in between. It won't be easy but it isn't impossible :D I'm sure you can do it! Keep up your good spirit and think about the reason again why you wanted to quit if you ever feel attracted to do it again! Take care! :)