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CHENNAIYIN FC, Champion of Hero ISL 2015

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The final was played between Goa and Chennayin on 20 December 2015 at. The much awaited grand finale of 2nd Hero Indian super league 2015 was played on 20th December 2015 at the Fatorda Stadium in Goa, between the Zico’s home team FC GOA and Marco’s CHENNAIYIN FC, and Chennayin were crowned as champions defeating Goa 3-2. The match started with tensed feeling of who-would-win-thoughts, though both the teams proved their own willingness to be the ISL champion of 2015. The game of bit physical at beginning that injured Dudu and Mandar impacted lot on GOA’s play though Mandar continued playing for his team. The first half was heart sinking moment with pressures soaring up from both the teams. Yet, many great opportunities were missed by the teams at the crucial moments. Pelissari’s misses was a great lose for away team CHENNAIYIN FC. It was sure to score opportunity he just couldn’t convert into goal leaving the supporters in deep silence of anger and fear. 
Chennai’s Mendoza almost brought happiness to rather few supporters at the stadium when he narrowed his shot though not on target. The bad misses by FC GOA’s Jofre and poor delivery of corners by GOA blew the supporters and Zico’s dream of winning ISL 2015. Yet, the GOA’s goalie saved Mendoza’s shot on target giving them a courage and hope of challenging their counterpart, Chennai. The half time ended with the extra time of 2 minutes with Jofre’s out of target shot and Wadoo’s long range shot with the score line of 0-0. The first half was not much of spectacular rather a physical game with fouls and injuries, and the time wasting.
The second half started with the same anticipation of who would win the title. The match resumed with Pelissari’s long shot not on target of course. Unlucky for FC GOA, the referee lifted yellow card to GOA defender signaling for first penalty shot. The shot taken by Pelissari was saved by the GOA keeper yet bounced back to the foot of Pelissari who then finished with his simple touch leaving FC GOA in complete disbelief. The roar of crowed diminished and the killing silence ruled the once chaotic stadium. It was already 1 goal for Chennai. The celebration was in air. But, within 4 minutes, substitute for Leo Moura, Thaokip equalized at 58 minutes when Romeo assisted by a perfect cross. Goa’s equalizing happiness has short lived when referee blew whistle against Goa’s goal keeper pointing for second penalty shot. The second penalty shot was taken by Mendoza which was saved by goal keeper taking responsibility for his fault of knocking down Mendoza. There was a little hope when Goa defender Gregory shot but he missed the target. Pelissari and Jeje were substituted by Elano and Jayesh respectively. The game entered into last stage with score line 1-1, Goa’s Jofre netted at 87 minutes making the crowd of 18,477 cheer at the top of their voice, reverberating across the whole stadium. And Jofre was declared the hero of the match. But during the 5 minutes of extra time, Goa goal keeper Kathimani’s own goal and Mendoza’s perfect goal sent the chill of defeat through the veins of home team, FC GOA. The celebration of Mendoza taking off his jersey and running round the pitch was spectacular though he knew the Japanese referee Moto would give him yellow card. After all that doesn’t matter when the team CHENNAIYIN FC won the 2nd ISL 2015. Though it was the last minute win for Chennai, the overall possession, shots, shots on target and fouls were with Chennai. Of course Goa was with more corners that didn’t turn into any single goal for them. The award ceremony was breathtaking, when the champion team took away the cash prize of 8 cores. The 2015 ISL golden boot award and golden glove award were taken by Mendoza and Edele Beta. Jeje, the Indian player from Mizoram took away the award for ISL emerging player of the league.   
The 2015 Indian Super League Season is the second season of the Indian Super League, a professional football league played in India since 2013. The season features eight teams. The regular season kicked-off on 3 October and ended on 6 December, while the finals began on 11 December and concluded with the final match on 20 December. The defending champions Atlético de Kolkata were eliminated in the semi-finals by Chennaiyin. 

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