Sunday, August 24, 2014

Don't You Love Me Still?

She loved me, cared me and trusted me. But I was selfish. I was so mean.
I left her crying alone, hurt. 
I saw her eyes brimming with tears but still it sparkled like night stars as she walked away.
I was empty and drunk. There was nothing I could do then.
As I stared her walk away, I felt the painful rhythm on my chest.
Yet there was no way I could rewind.
After a month, I met her again. She is pretty same as before. She still looks gorgeous.
I remembered our past. She reminded me, how I met her. She reminded everything of her and me......Our Love
Why I left her? Why I was so cruel to her?
Ever since I left her, I was lonely, life was doomed and nothing went right.
But how will I tell her?How I'll tell her that I want to spend rest of my life with her?
Will she accept me again? Do I need to reborn?

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