Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Your beauty is the strongest brew..."

I'm intoxicated by your brew
Who brewed your beauty?
Can't intrigue my inebriation anymore
In my drunken stupor
Want to lavish you with my love

This heart of flesh and blood
Though is within me
It beats only for you
My crazy heart is breaking

Your eyes like the pearl
Sparkle in the darkness
Your gaze so real
Like the ocean of calmness

In my hearts’ alter
You, the golden vessel
Of faithful mind
Be filled with the offering

The eyes of perfect vision
Though is on my face
It sees only you
Sees you, even with eyes closing

Your lips like the rose petal
Embraces sweet nectar
Your thorns so fatal
Like the perilous vector

I'd stowed away my lopsided love
Show me solace to assuage misery

And make me yammer phew!
Your beauty is the strongest brew…

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