Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I’m a lonely boy...

Tring! Tring! It’s 9:00 AM
All ready for college
Well dressed with perfect make-up
Walks to the lecture hall
I join them in the class

They giggle with rhythmic smiles
Play like little kids
Laugh over silly things
Fight for nothing
I smile with the sweet loneliness

Library flocked with couples
Chatting with the pretext of studying
Friends gathered for cooling over A.C
Piles of books left untouched
I flipped few over the corner

Couples decided for a date
Crisps off the gate
Friends planned for movies
Bunks to the cinema hall
I remain inside the locked room

Phone calls over here
Busy talking over the phone
Sms over there
Sending unlimited messages
I listen to music on my phone

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