Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kolkata Bhutanese Students Association presidential election 2014

In a presidential election held at Bhutan house lawn on Saturday, Bhutanese students elected Namgay Dorji as new president.
He secured 91 votes and won by 13 votes out of total 169 votes. His pledges were to organize a trip to Bodh Gaya and support the patients admitted to hospitals.
President contestant, Rabten was sure of losing election and turnout to be same with 78 votes. Yet Ngawang, 2nd year BA-LLB thought Rabten was more capable as far the pledges and speech was concerned but couldn't say why Rabten lost.
Rabten pledged to create website for BSA, organize drug campaign and the blood donation campaign were of both the president contestants' pledges.
For north local chapter, only one candidate contested and won the post of VP getting 37 'yes' votes out of 41 votes. Two candidates contested from south local chapter for VP. Karma Jigme won from south securing 70 votes of total 128 votes. Karma Jigme was tensed and sure that he'll lose but the declaration of result shocked him.
This year five candidates were in fray for BSA elections. Two candidates were vying for the post of president and 3 for vice president from north & south local chapters. Unlike last year, this year there was no women candidates for the BSA elections.
With the fund of one lakh and eleven thousand, BSA organized gathering at Bhutan house for elections and a dinner. The program was supposed to start strictly by 11 AM, with cultural programs supported by "Druk events" but the program started very late. Students struggled under the scorching sun of April waiting for the programs to start.
Yet, Sangay tenzin enjoyed the cultural programs especially the dance by a group of beautiful girls.
Few students hoped of the "Farewell event" as said by former president but turnout to be a jam up session with very light drinks.
I personally felt the event wasn't satisfactory considering the fund BSA Kolkata got from Ministry and the BSA executives spent on the event. I hope they have other great functions to organize with the fund left. We are looking forward for the best BSA Kolkata...

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