Thursday, May 29, 2014

Graduates anticipate confirmation on doing away with preliminary examination

Will RCSC conduct PE this year? Or did PDP do away with PE? What’s bustling between the NEW government and NEW commissioners of Royal Civil Service Commission? These are the questions silently doing round among the graduates yearning to appear for 2014 BCSE. Yet we aren't definite of it and trace of confusion is still lingering in our perturbed minds.
As the year of horse racing too fast, there is grist to the mill churning out rumors that PDP had dropped Preliminary Examination from this year. An authentic concern among university graduates about whether the PE would be conducted this year or not after PDP had promised to do away the PE since last year had plagued the fresh graduates in dilemma of preparing for PE or main exam. It’s bugged me the whole time.
A round of hearsay had permeated among the fresh graduates expressing that PDP had dropped PE. While few are still pensive that PE would be conducted this year. Unfortunately, I fell into the vortex of latter.
With almost a year since PDP formed second democratic government, one of their pledges of 100 Days in office is yet to be confirmed as fulfilled. And when government declares the long pending pledge as accomplished, especially graduates like me would peacefully decide to prepare for BCSE.
Last year, PDP government was unable to do away with PE exam due to the time constraint. PDP government had ensured that PE is not required from this year to give equal opportunity to the graduates. While some graduates deem that PE shouldn't be dropped, others expect that the PDP government must fulfill their pledges. Though, I personally was against the doing away with the PE.

The PDP manifesto says: “We will do away with preliminary exams before the Civil Service Board Exams for entry to the civil service for university graduates.”

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