Monday, November 11, 2013

Solace In The Bottles

I remember the very first time i drank. My skin was on fire with the feeling of anxiety and excitement. Row of bottles sat in the cabinet of bar. As I grabbed that amber liquid and took a sip sloshing down my throat, eyes got shut and nose crinkled in distaste. I struggled with initial few sips unable to adjust with the taste of bitterness. But then I knew I've got reasons to drink. I drank in hopes of discovering a tangible solace to assuage the misery brought on my love's defeat. She walked in search of me. I stowed away my half filled decanter under the table and managed to intrigue my state of inebriation. It was tough, i swear. She bewildered. In a drunken stupor, i lavished her with emotional words in an attempt to illustrate my sorrow. But she refused again. I don't know to whom but i was angry. That's how the first decanter followed the second, the third...and continued!

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