Saturday, October 27, 2012

Romantic Death

No wonder life is too short. It is still shorter for me. And I've no regret for being gifted with the same. Death may come to me anytime unsure of its due date. I am not afraid to die but fear that I may not finish what I have to say to my dear friends...? Sometimes I think a small chit under the pillow on my dying bed would clear all clouds of doubt. Other times I feel that it would be so far from my very own presence that they may not satisfy with it. Here I am really confused not knowing what to do knowing though nothing could be understand me my friends! I am sorry if I have done wrong to you all. Though I don't have any bad feelings for you all I can't promise that I didn't hurt you. You know I can't do anything good for you all but I am me and will be me-stupid Ugyen. Don't let me find you all sad because of me you know I can’t bear to see the same.
Give me a romantic death with all surrounding my dying bed overwhelmed with tears of love flooding down through rosy cheeks...
I won’t regret if death comes with cruel affection, I would rather love to die on your side with a smiling face, tears of happiness in my eyes and hands holding with my loved ones hand with pang of separation in heart.
I know few of my friends would mourn for me, few would visit my graveyard, yet few would still see grass growing...I know my dear ones would always be by my side...
Do I have any reason to cry when I am all surrounded by happy people...?
And I too wouldn't love to see anybody around me with frowning face...

My DEAR...I always dream't of happy death and that would be fulfilled today when I sleep on your tender lap watching your jocund face....and never to see you again...A Romantic Death!

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