Thursday, July 14, 2011

An unknown Perfect girl

 I have just seen someone very beautiful, obviously a perfect one. I was entranced by this unknown perfect girl when she cast her crafted eyes on me with a sweet melting smile on her face, a flash of light illuminated my little hidden heart. I smiled back indicating that I held a soft corner in my heart for her.
 She was a fully bloomed rose amongst the buds and a full moon among the stars. No doubt she will be the softest spot in every one’s heart. And nobody would deny that they are victims of her charm. But she touched me the deepest. My madness knew no bounds. Her dulcet tones leave me dazed and I’d do anything to see her beauty. At her angelic sight, I feel I am in paradise. She is so cool and walks as if on clouds. She possesses everything a gentleman wants in a perfect girl and nothing that one doesn't want.
        I remember the trouble I took in trying to spy out the route she’d take. Soon I found where she stays. And I always bump into her just to get a glimpse that would send me into flight. I would wait ages, just to see her pass by me. And when she appears, like an divine visitation, I just blame my naughty eyes for I can’t believe my eyes illusion.
                             Till now I am always been from a distance, like observing a rainbow all I like but don’t touch! Yet I always love to see her colors shine, even if from miles away. Whenever I meet her, the warmth in her smile imparts a feeling so serene, a sign of hope and a shower of thousand joys to my heart. The treasure of love, I cherish within my soul, how I much I love her, she will never really know for sure....  

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