Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trip to Digha sea beach

Digha beach is one of the most popular vacation destination located south west of West Bengal. It is 4-5 hour journey by bus from kolkata.
 Digha sea beach is a mesmerizing sea that takes on several hues at different times of the day, the waves that break on to the pristine shores and the roar that echoes amid the lines of casuarina trees. The rustling of the trees in the wind and the seagulls flying overhead is extremely soothing. At sunset, the sight of billowing waves, bathed in the orange light of the setting sun, lapping the shore is enchanting.
        I with my friends had a wonderful trip on march 8. Journey was breathtaking... To mention few memories of my friends inside the bus...
Pema and Nim with a romantic pose,a big smile on their face,sitting with sun beaming down on them through the naughty windows and their arms wrapped around on each other...
             Back seat was packed by Chuni and Ganga. Chuni was into the world of musics yet nothing could distract her from such a ripe opportunity of life that thrilled the entire network of neuron in her body while Ganga covered up in shawls embracing the beauteous scenes that appealed to her sense on digital camera.
Nagendra was fast asleep,though the hot breeze discomforted him. There's no difference with Tashi and Ngawang too. They were in piggy slumber with cool breeze rustling past their hairs seldom open their eyes to notice that bus is still on move.
Chungdo on other hand was engrossed in listening musics on his nokia 5800 mobile and shaking his head with the rhythm of his favourite songs piercing his ears beyond the decibels humans are intended to endure. Sometimes he'd unplug his earpiece to listen and laugh with me for my dirty jokes.
         I enjoyed the journey though i felt uneasy due to hung-over from the previous nights intoxication of vodka. Digha beach is a must visit place for all...

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