Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Learning to love

Life is precarious. One never knows what may befall. We expect one thing but something entirely different comes our way. Life is never same for all. Painless for some, agony for others. Some loves, other hates. Some christen it destiny while other say it’s chance. We will never know for sure.
                              Everybody should accept the inevitable. We are born to take the way life leads us. It’s here in Kolkata that I am getting exposed to the temptations of modern life.
       After many jaded sunsets, I was strangely besotted with an unexpected girl. I don’t want to fall in love but finds myself drowning in it’s emotion. Now I am losing my pristine soul and falling into sentimental addiction. Till this days, I was striving for freedom but now find myself  preferring to be a prisoner in her heart.
       I am embarrassed to be in love since I thought that such a man like me can never know what ‘love’ is. I used to think love as an infection and used to call my friends who were that way “love stricken people”. But now I find myself  suffering from the virus of this infection.
          Many of my friends are fervently entangled despite so many books that deserve better attention. No dalliance that romance is another degree most students successfully graduate in colleges. Now I am learning the magnitude of love.
Love? How I feel after being a part of it. Being in love with someone is to me the most beautiful and amazing experience that this life has to offer. Love is immeasurable, explainable and absurd. When I am in love, the very name of the one I love sounds so sweet that it generates musical notes. The name remains etched in my brain that it appears in front of me, no matter how much I try to ignore.
        I am walking alone, but I know that I am not alone. With me is all the happiness of having loved someone walking along, conversing, holding hands, teasing and smiling. It’s quite funny how I loose my control. I feel as if my whole world has just been taken and a new world just waits in front of me, a world where little things do mean a lot and I find happiness in what ever I do… 

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  1. Bro. you seem to be enjoying your love life to the fullest. Nice to know that.:) An interesting article. keep writing!