Sunday, July 17, 2011

Am I Handsome?...


 Who says handsome is all about perfection?
Look at me!
I am handsome!
Contrary to what my mirror show-
An ugly face, black moles, unfurled hair.

It’s that twinkle in my eyes when I smile…

It’s the way I look when I turn around…
It’s the way my lips move when I speak…
Which make me handsome.

Who says a man is considered handsome if
He is fair and well dressed?
              Everybody has that one particular trait in              them that  makes handsome or beautiful.
I too posses that particular trait in me!
That endure me to the beholder,
Which makes me at that point of time,
The most handsome man in the wold,
Perfect features be damned!
After all, perfection is not a criteria for handsomeness.
Am I handsome now???

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