Wednesday, July 20, 2011

College life

life in another country is full of happiness knowing though it will never be to the fullest. It’s wonderful to begin with fresh life, with new companionship, doing new things,even eating new food. It does take some time to adjust to foreign chimes, but the necessity of living in the present endures any hardships.
                     Love for life is patient with life that brings its share of pain. We know that there is an end to the most stubborn rain. We know the sun shine again on the world that’s fresh and new. One has to wait for life to come around and even when things happen that your soul can hardly bear, know that life will move on with its own rhythm.
                    By now I was in hostel. Started tasting new food. At first I could hardly make my hand to function, but the need for survival do loosen little of my muscles. To get a pinch from a bowlful of rice, we need to be in queue, drooping our head being feared of growling seniors, wearing white T-shirt and a black trouser. With ascent of time I would have eaten little more than what I took had there were no culture of ragging. Had I gone for mess regularly, by now I would have developed neck-flextion contracture. Days to weeks and weeks to month, now we could feel the lightness of mess.
                                                                                            Class too was not not an easy-go zone. Rather they would make us stand and bear their native slang  I was unbearably bearing that being inferior to them but inside thick flame was burning which I should have controlled going to library, the only AC room but that too was flocked with couples. Then what I do to cool myself? Just rush to my room and give slang to four walls of my room. That too didn't worked out. It just echoed loud. Only option left was let all happen and adapt to it.That was all during my first year at college. Way of living changes with time. Now I could even smell the smell of blossoming love deep inside my heart.
Everybody argue that college life is the best part of students life, but for me, its just contrariwise. A daily routine of waking up early morning, and going to clinic  dressed in white apron has became a nightmare of all time. The only difference  from school is that we are not guided by the ringing of bell. One thing is no one cares whether you are attending class or not.  I have escaped many class just to find myself with comfort on bed. Now I would never miss a single class being feared of attendance shortage. Otherwise my course duration would be automatically increased.
 Life has never been as what we all would have desired. But life goes on with the clicks of time and alternate day night. Every happy moments comes with its on share of sadness. After all I look forward to happy days. This lovely days,it will remain forever in my memory, but for now, I have got miles to travel, promises to keep, dreams to fulfill, and achieve my destination, before my eternal sleep…   

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Am I Handsome?...


 Who says handsome is all about perfection?
Look at me!
I am handsome!
Contrary to what my mirror show-
An ugly face, black moles, unfurled hair.

It’s that twinkle in my eyes when I smile…

It’s the way I look when I turn around…
It’s the way my lips move when I speak…
Which make me handsome.

Who says a man is considered handsome if
He is fair and well dressed?
              Everybody has that one particular trait in              them that  makes handsome or beautiful.
I too posses that particular trait in me!
That endure me to the beholder,
Which makes me at that point of time,
The most handsome man in the wold,
Perfect features be damned!
After all, perfection is not a criteria for handsomeness.
Am I handsome now???

Thursday, July 14, 2011

An unknown Perfect girl

 I have just seen someone very beautiful, obviously a perfect one. I was entranced by this unknown perfect girl when she cast her crafted eyes on me with a sweet melting smile on her face, a flash of light illuminated my little hidden heart. I smiled back indicating that I held a soft corner in my heart for her.
 She was a fully bloomed rose amongst the buds and a full moon among the stars. No doubt she will be the softest spot in every one’s heart. And nobody would deny that they are victims of her charm. But she touched me the deepest. My madness knew no bounds. Her dulcet tones leave me dazed and I’d do anything to see her beauty. At her angelic sight, I feel I am in paradise. She is so cool and walks as if on clouds. She possesses everything a gentleman wants in a perfect girl and nothing that one doesn't want.
        I remember the trouble I took in trying to spy out the route she’d take. Soon I found where she stays. And I always bump into her just to get a glimpse that would send me into flight. I would wait ages, just to see her pass by me. And when she appears, like an divine visitation, I just blame my naughty eyes for I can’t believe my eyes illusion.
                             Till now I am always been from a distance, like observing a rainbow all I like but don’t touch! Yet I always love to see her colors shine, even if from miles away. Whenever I meet her, the warmth in her smile imparts a feeling so serene, a sign of hope and a shower of thousand joys to my heart. The treasure of love, I cherish within my soul, how I much I love her, she will never really know for sure....  

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Learning to love

Life is precarious. One never knows what may befall. We expect one thing but something entirely different comes our way. Life is never same for all. Painless for some, agony for others. Some loves, other hates. Some christen it destiny while other say it’s chance. We will never know for sure.
                              Everybody should accept the inevitable. We are born to take the way life leads us. It’s here in Kolkata that I am getting exposed to the temptations of modern life.
       After many jaded sunsets, I was strangely besotted with an unexpected girl. I don’t want to fall in love but finds myself drowning in it’s emotion. Now I am losing my pristine soul and falling into sentimental addiction. Till this days, I was striving for freedom but now find myself  preferring to be a prisoner in her heart.
       I am embarrassed to be in love since I thought that such a man like me can never know what ‘love’ is. I used to think love as an infection and used to call my friends who were that way “love stricken people”. But now I find myself  suffering from the virus of this infection.
          Many of my friends are fervently entangled despite so many books that deserve better attention. No dalliance that romance is another degree most students successfully graduate in colleges. Now I am learning the magnitude of love.
Love? How I feel after being a part of it. Being in love with someone is to me the most beautiful and amazing experience that this life has to offer. Love is immeasurable, explainable and absurd. When I am in love, the very name of the one I love sounds so sweet that it generates musical notes. The name remains etched in my brain that it appears in front of me, no matter how much I try to ignore.
        I am walking alone, but I know that I am not alone. With me is all the happiness of having loved someone walking along, conversing, holding hands, teasing and smiling. It’s quite funny how I loose my control. I feel as if my whole world has just been taken and a new world just waits in front of me, a world where little things do mean a lot and I find happiness in what ever I do… 

Last goodbye

It has taken me 20 years to finally get here. After year of feeling lost, frustrated with what I have and scared to explore anything deeper, I have now resigned myself to this connection that we have because I can no longer deny the pull you have, away from me, magnetic almost,inexplicable, and unnatural even.
                                                     I was a lone guy before I met you, convinced that I wasn't going to find anything to satisfy me. I remember the first time we met. I was nervous, obviously, unsure of what to expect and how to feel. We got to know each other quickly and seemed rushed.
                You came into my life like a warm breeze teaching me the feeling I never felt before. Sitting up late into the night, I marveled at your body and the simplicity with which we communicated has just became a forgotten memories. You gave me a new meaning to my life and added aroma to my days. I wish I could go back into the life I had lived and move ahead. But I know there are major hurdles that have the potential to nullify all the joys.
                                                                                                         You stood by me at all the times. You were there, by my side through the good and bad times. And I could count on you during the moments of crisis. I am grateful to you for instilling that trait in me.
      Now we are on the verge of separate living. Here we are confused; lost; forlorn and struck right at the core. We have won many battle but to what use is it now? It seemed nothing could pass between us. And I always hoped that our relationship would last forever…!!! That was my hope, my battle cry ever since we met. It is all over now. I feel as if you are consuming me.
                                                                             I have seen the signs of your distress with me long before but I ignored the red flag. And today I am here facing the reality, unable to believe the truth.  Breaking away our strong bond of love isn't so easy. It’s really painful. We have done too much together and have been too intimate for us to just discard one another. But every beginning have its ending. So we have to end this with the same disclosure with which we begun. Love has ended and now pain pours into my solitary heart but time will heal us just like it has done for many.
                                    Goodbye ‘my love’, now and forever……..  

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trip to Digha sea beach

Digha beach is one of the most popular vacation destination located south west of West Bengal. It is 4-5 hour journey by bus from kolkata.
 Digha sea beach is a mesmerizing sea that takes on several hues at different times of the day, the waves that break on to the pristine shores and the roar that echoes amid the lines of casuarina trees. The rustling of the trees in the wind and the seagulls flying overhead is extremely soothing. At sunset, the sight of billowing waves, bathed in the orange light of the setting sun, lapping the shore is enchanting.
        I with my friends had a wonderful trip on march 8. Journey was breathtaking... To mention few memories of my friends inside the bus...
Pema and Nim with a romantic pose,a big smile on their face,sitting with sun beaming down on them through the naughty windows and their arms wrapped around on each other...
             Back seat was packed by Chuni and Ganga. Chuni was into the world of musics yet nothing could distract her from such a ripe opportunity of life that thrilled the entire network of neuron in her body while Ganga covered up in shawls embracing the beauteous scenes that appealed to her sense on digital camera.
Nagendra was fast asleep,though the hot breeze discomforted him. There's no difference with Tashi and Ngawang too. They were in piggy slumber with cool breeze rustling past their hairs seldom open their eyes to notice that bus is still on move.
Chungdo on other hand was engrossed in listening musics on his nokia 5800 mobile and shaking his head with the rhythm of his favourite songs piercing his ears beyond the decibels humans are intended to endure. Sometimes he'd unplug his earpiece to listen and laugh with me for my dirty jokes.
         I enjoyed the journey though i felt uneasy due to hung-over from the previous nights intoxication of vodka. Digha beach is a must visit place for all...